February 10



By NickLitten

February 10, 2009

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Looking for help with a corrupted Outlook file?

Amazingly this page is one of the most frequently accessed so it’s been renamed to make it more search engine friendly and the page has moved to /outlook-pst-file-errors-fixed-download-scanpstexe

It has instructions on things to do if you Outlook PST file is corrupted and the download for the SCANPST EXE tool.

pst-file-errors-can-be-fixed-download-scanpst-exe-tool 1


Awoke this morning to find my Outlook email not working because Outlook2007 was reporting that my PST file was damaged… Aaaaaargh!!! Much scratching of head ensued and vaguely worried faces were pulled while I drank a cup of coffee and wondered what to do next. Outlook says there is problem with ..\appdata\local\microsoft\outlook\outlook.pst and to run scanpst.exe to fix it. I’ve recently upgraded from Vista and after searching through the computer still cannot find this file…

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