July 26


Is Boris Dead? Did Boris the LR3 finally suffer his final breakdown?

By NickLitten

July 26, 2013

#Boris, #BreakDown, #Landrover, #texas, LR3

An excruciating new chapter in the Book of Boris (no relation to The Book of Mormon)

Is this the End?

Driving to a client office today all hell broke loose on the dashboard… every warning light blinking, alarms sounding, star-trek doors whooshing open and closed and phasers set to KILL! Engine computer was reporting suspension failure, HDC failure, break failure, everything failure…

after swearing loudly I managed to quickly pull into a Shell Station which was conveniently only a hundred yards down the road.

Is Boris Dead?


Boris quietly pulled up to a pump.. before spluttering and dying.

Insert Key and absolutely nothing happens.

Pop open bonnet (which is a hood to you Americans) and only a faint whiff of electrical burning smell. gulp

I’m typing this after it was towed off to a local garage for investigation.


If I had started numbering my vehicle breakdowns over the last two years I wonder if this one would have put me into treble digits?

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