October 30


I just got back from a week at the iSeries DEVCON in Las Vegas

By NickLitten

October 30, 2009

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It’s Vegas Baby and I’ve never seen so many grey haired developers in one hotel 😉

On a serious note – Some terrific speakers and I was impressed by the general knowledge of all the presenters. I can honestly say I never got bored for one moment and good presentation style kept my attention for all 4 days. Joe Pluta in particular is an amusing guy with some strong opinions, and very funny to listen to.

It’s nice to listen to i-people who are as obviously enthusiastic about the i as i am… see what I did there?

I’ve been predominantly working on IBMi for just over a year now (after a 4 year hiatus playing with other stuff – but thats a whole other story) and am amazed by the generally apathetic nature of many developers in the i-community: The ones that still call it an AS400 and write in RPG3… dont get me started…

iSeries DEVCON in Las VegasAfter iSeries DevCon – my brain is awash with new RPG, PHP and ZEND-alicious ideas…

Track wise, I focused on RPG, PHP and Web-Server based stuff purely because it was a combination of the things the was interested in and also sharpening the blunter tools in my toolbox.

Notable speakers: Jon Paris – great presenter who had an answer for every question I threw at him. He really kicked PHP into focus for me… So much so, This weekend I scrapped a website and am currently re-tooling with PHP…

Susan Gantner – gave a brilliant polish to my RPG and SQL coding styles. opening my eyes to some new techniques and made me slap myself for doing a few things in a lazy way.

Joe Pluta – was great on his discussions covering Java and IDE’s like Eclipse and RDi. Being a green screen dinosaur this has really galvanized me into action.

Other speakers were great but these 3 stick in my mind… no offense to any others.. grovel grovel

Staying at the RIO with it’s in-casino curry house, scantily clad waitresses and winning a few on the last night didnt hurt either

double-thumbs-up and a virtual glass-of-wine for all involved.

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