June 21


How to move IFS from *SYSBAS into iASP (Independent ASP)

By NickLitten

June 21, 2019

#iASP, #ibmi, #IFS

By default, the IFS lives in the *SYSBASE ASP. But, we can move the IFS Directories, and all documents therein, to the iASP location easily:

Let’s assume your ASP is called ‘my_iasp’

1) Vary on iASP


2) Create your new directory on the iASP, if it doesn’t already exist

 CRTDIR DIR('/my_iasp/dir_name')

3) Move the directory, and all included objects, to the directory on the iASP

 MOV OBJ('/dir_name/*') TODIR('/my_iasp/dir_name')

hashtag that was easy 😉

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