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How to Change IBM i Webservice from SOAP 1.2 to 1.1
How do I change an IBM i Webservice from SOAP 1.2 down to SOAP 1.1? And more importantly... Why would[...]
Reading SQL Server database from IBM i
Join me on a mission to connect to a SQL Server database from IBM i This will be a growing[...]
Find the IBMi (iSeries AS400) Operating System Version in a RPGLE program
Ever wanted to find your IBM i OS Version in RPG? Following on from this old blog about how to[...]
MariaDB (MySQL) with IBM i PHP
WORK IN PROGRESS - Come back next week to see if this blog has been updated with some real time[...]
Verify MariaDB – MySQL on IBM i
Verify MariaDB - MySQL on IBM i Following Part 2 - where we installed IBM i MariaDB (MySQL) - the[...]
Install MariaDB on IBM i
It's time to install MariaDB on IBM i Following Part 1 - let's dive into installing the actual thing and[...]
IBM i and WordPress
Ever wanted to use WordPress on IBM i? What is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source Content Management System written in[...]
RPG Rules
RPG Rules - aka - When Rulers helped you program A few years ago, moving house for the umpteenth time,[...]
How to delete old Journal Receivers (*JRNRCV)
IBM i Housekeeping 101 - Deleting old Journal Receivers Following on from the blog I wrote about "What is an[...]
Email an IBM i File as a CSV
Email an IBM i File as a CSV Sample IBM-i Control Language Program to take a physical file (aka SQL[...]
Will Smith, IBM i and the AS400 heard around the world
Another work week comes to an end. Another week when an executive asked "I've heard both names, do we have[...]
SQLRPGLE Shorts - How to Call QCMDEXC with IBM i SQL Surely every RPG programmer is familiar with the QCMDEXC[...]
How to Download IBM i SQL Results As CSV
How to Download IBM i SQL Results As CSV I had to run a rather interesting SQL statement to download[...]
Function Key Indicators – *INK CMD KEYS in AS400 RPG
DSPF Indicator Command Keys in AS400 RPG (... and iSeries and IBM i obviously) Ever since my days at JBA,[...]
Are there AS400 jobs in 2022?
RE: Position of "AS/400 Lead" in NYC (Remote). I got this random email from a recruiter today: My initial feeling[...]
Change how Gutenberg looks
Change how Gutenberg looks when editing a page 1 - I like the WordPress Gutenberg Editor OK... OK.... I know[...]
Find the last IBM i System IPL date
How to find the last IPL date on AS400, iSeries or IBM i System IBM provides a neat little API[...]
Stefan Kudla – Software Developer, Musician and Artist
Stefan Kudla - Glancing at Software Development Over the last few weeks, I've been mentoring a young man by the[...]

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